vrijdag 29 mei 2009

First Belgian European elections candidate to launch a separate campaign for expats in Brussels

As special guest at the Britcham New Generation (BNG) Committee lunchcauserie of Friday 29 May at 12.30 in the offices of Interel Cabinet Stewart European Affaire, Marilyn Neven will not only speak about her European career and her elections campaign strategy and priorities, but also about the integration of expats living in Brussels in the local social and political life. European elections offer an excellent opportunity for filling the gap between expats and locals.

"According to TV Brussels, some 12.000 expats registered for the Belgian European elections; they too have the right to an election campaign in order to make up their mind. But the initiative to politically activate expats should come from the European elections candidates themselves", says Marilyn. "With my broad experiences inside the 'Brussels bubble', I know that there is a demand from the expats side. However, the Belgian obligation to vote, once registered, is considered as a real hurdle. With my campaign I will try to help expats to get interested by the elections and thus more involved in Brussels political and social life. I hope that my initiative sets an example for other candidates as well as for Brussels political authorities for the future.”

Considering the small legal election campaign budget in Belgium, Marilyn's expat campaign will be carried out mainly through the internet. "I think the internet is the appropriate medium to to pass the message on to Brussels citizens, expats, candidates and authorities.”

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